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Diocesan Support Appeal

Many thanks to those of you who have already given to this year’s diocesan support appeal. Be assured that the funds help provide valuable ministries and services throughout our diocese.  
Your generosity helps to serve the poor, hungry and homeless as well assist students in Catholic schools, Catholic campus ministry, youth ministry and faith formation. Your gift is also vital for our diaconate program and to our 41 seminarians currently in formation for the diocese of Charlotte.
To help support these ministries, each parish is assessed a specific amount of money. Saint Leo is still $16,000 short of our $144,000 assessment.  If a parish falls short, they must pay the shortfall from the parish operating budget.
In your kindness, please consider a gift to the DSA through the envelope you received in the mail, a mailing to the church office or through this link.
Thank you for your generosity.