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Easter Flowers

Thank you to everyone who donated to our Easter flower fund:

Matthew Aloi  

Miss Judy Baylin in Memory of Floretta and Martin Baylin

Mr. and Mrs. Wynne Blair  

Dr. and Dr. Terrence Bogard  

Mr. and Mrs. Jim DeCristo in Memory of Cecelia M. and Charles R. Sievers, James V. and Josephine DeCristo, and Jack and Anne Coffey

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Deschenes in Memory of DiNicola and Deschenes Families

Mr. and Mrs. Roger Dioli in Honor of Adrian and Yvonne Dioli

Mr. and Mrs. James Ferris in Memory of Anne Ferris and George Yanyac

Mr. and Mrs. Dennis Grillo  

Mr. and Mrs. Gerald Gunzenhauser  

Mrs. Marlene Hogan in Memory of Ralph Hogan

Mr. and Mrs. Anton Kamnick  

Mr. and Mrs. Ludovic Kovalik in Honor of Deceased family members and friends

Mr. and Mrs. William Little  

Ms. Joyce Moon  

Mr. and Mrs. Edwin Noga  

Dr. and Dr. Francis O'Brien in Memory of Joseph L. and Anne Marie O'Brien

Mr. and Mrs. David Orris in Memory of Gerald and Rosemary Hooper

Mrs. Audrey Patti in Memory of Anthony Patti

Mr. and Mrs. Michael Price  

Mr. and Mrs. John Regan  

Lesha Sabio  

Ms. Marguerite Smith  

Mr. and Mrs. John Stewart  

Kay Triplett in Memory of Robert Triplett

Mr. Emily Young in Memory of Ted. P. Young

Dr. and Mrs. Robert Zammit in Honor of Deceased members of Zammit and Greene families