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Fr. Cook Health Updates

February 15th: Father Cook had a repeat surgery on his knee to treat inflammation and adhesions. His physicians are hopeful that the procedure will assist in recovery. Father continues with physical and occupational therapy at home. He is deeply grateful for the many cards and prayers. He asked we keep them coming!

February 1st: As you may have heard, Father Cook moved home this week and will continue undergoing intensive rehabilitation. Your cards and gifts have been a wonderful source of comfort to him - thank you!

Monday Morning (12/30): Father Cook suffered a quick onset of sepsis in his knee and is still in the hospital fighting the infection. He is unable to have visitors at this time. Sister Larretta and Father Felix will continue to attend to Father’s sacramental needs.  


All cards sent to/dropped off in the church office will be delivered to Father Cook daily. We will post updates on our website and social media as necessary. Father Cook is deeply grateful for your prayers and asks you continue to pray for his full recovery. He also asks that you keep his physicians, many of whom are parishioners, in your prayers. Their care has been extraordinary.


Until further notice, Father Felix, Father AJ, Monsignor Bellow, Deacon Bob and Deacon Ralph will attend to our sacramental needs.


Please direct any requests of Father Cook to his Pastoral Assistant, Mary Beth Young, at [email protected]

Monday Morning (12/23): Father Cook is enormously and sincerely grateful for everyone’s prayers and support over these last few critical days. While he is improving each day, and has been moved out of ICU, he is requesting no visitors. He has been through a tremendous trauma and rest is imperative to his recovery. Father wishes everyone a very blessed Christmas! (this will be the last update for a while)

Sunday Afternoon: Please join us at 4pm today in the church for adoration and to pray for Fr. Cook’s speedy recovery!

Saturday Night: Father Cook had a good day and continues to improve. He is still in ICU but was able to have conversations today. He was told about everyone’s prayers and was quite moved and deeply grateful.

Saturday Morning: Father Cook did well overnight and is generally better this morning. Still in ICU and weak, but improving. Thank you for your continued prayers. He still needs us to pray!

Friday Night: Father Cook is stable and resting comfortably in ICU. Thank you for your continued prayers for his thorough recovery. We will update again tomorrow.

We will be praying a rosary in the church on Sunday at 4 pm for Fr. Cook's recovery.

Friday Morning: Father Cook is in the hospital in serious condition with sepsis that originated from his bad knee. This is all the information we have at this time, please do not call the church office or try to visit Fr. Cook. We ask that you keep him in your prayers and we will update you here and on Facebook as we know more.