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Letter from Fr. Cook

Jan 5, 2020

My dear Saint Leo family,

As some of you know, I was rushed to the hospital on December 19th, in critical condition, suffering from sepsis that originated in my knee and quickly spread throughout my bloodstream. Thanks to the extraordinary care of the physicians at Wake Forest Baptist Medical Center, the infection is being effectively treated. Next week, I will enter an inpatient facility to begin intensive physical therapy to regain my strength and my ability to walk.

Father Felix, and your marvelous parish staff, will continue to carry out my daily directives for the normal operations of the parish. Father Felix, Father AJ, Monsignor Bellow, Deacon Ralph, and Deacon Bob will attend to your sacramental needs.  

I am deeply grateful for your prayers, cards and kind wishes these past few weeks.  They have sustained me.  And, while I appreciate the kind offers to visit, I am asking for my privacy at this time. When we have a better idea of the length of my recovery, I will be sure to communicate that to you.

I have spoken with Bishop Jugis and he is up to date on my condition. He, and his staff, have been most gracious throughout this ordeal. 

I wish you all a very blessed Christmas and a new year rich in God's choicest blessings.


Fr. Brian Cook