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We welcome Fr. Bala Udumala June 15 & 16

Fr. Bala Udumala is from Divyavani (God’s Word), an initiative of Telugu Catholic Bishops Council (TCBC) comprising of two big Telugu language speaking states (100 million population) in South India working for the cause of Evangelisation, faith formation, and social change through TV programming and by way of training unemployed youth, drop out girls, and women for life skills.

India, the second largest country in the world with the population of 1.3 billion people is still rooted in social evils such as gender inequality and unemployment.

According to UNICEF report 65 million female babies were killed in India in the last ten years by way of systematic and selective gender elimination. Today there are only 920 females to every 1000 males in India. Since the vast majority of Indians are Hindus they believe that only a boy will save them from Hell. There is also the common notion that the boy is the bread winner. In addition to this, if a girl has to be married the family has to give huge dowry.

There is also an evil practice of female infanticide - that is killing of female babies in India. A number of methods are employed to kill the newborn girls. 1600 people die daily due to diarrhea. This is simply because 100 million in India do not have safe drinking water. 750 million do not have toilets which is a big health hazard.

In order to address these issues Divyavani Social Communications is training Catholic graduates as journalists for mainstream media. These journalists formed with moral conscience in turn bring about education and awareness. We plan on training 160 in batches of 40 this year. The training cost per student is $200. This makes them employable and earning about 300 dollars a month. We have trained 500 Catholic youth as Journalists and most of them are already employed and bringing about social change.

Fr. Bala Udumala will speak at all the masses on 15th & 16th June 2019.