Liturgy & Worship

This commission is concerned with the liturgical functions that serve as the primary demonstrative expressions of faith and worship, viz., the sacraments, as well as programs explicitly involving spiritual growth and development.

ALTAR SERVERS                                          

Assist the priest at liturgies. Open to students in 4th grade and up. 

Altar Server Schedule, May-August 2020


Contact:  Michelle Hanson / 336.624.1932


Assist in the planning for and decoration of the church throughout the liturgical year.

Contact:  Marianne DeCristo 


Sing the responsorial psalm and other sung portions of the liturgy.

Contact:  Music Ministry / 336.724.0561


A dedicated group of singers who lead and enhance the music of our liturgies.

The St. Leo Parish Choir invites you to join us! Vocalists from grade 9 through senior adult are welcome. We are a small church community in our larger parish. We laugh a lot and pray and care for each other while we serve. 

 Choir rehearsals are held on Wednesdays at 7:15 pm in the St. Cecilia Room. Our normal schedule for singing at Mass this year is:

First week of month – Saturday at 5:30 pm in church
Second week of month – Sunday at 10:30 am in the Parish Center
Third week of month – Sunday at 9:00 am in church
Fourth week of month – Sunday at 10:30 am in church 
Fifth week of month – Sunday at 12:00 noon

Contact:  Music Ministry / 336.724.0561


Assist in the distribution of Holy Communion.  Some ministers also take the Eucharist to the sick or the homebound.  

EM & Lector Schedule - Church

EM & Lector Schedule - BBPC

EM & Lector Schedule - Life Teen Mass

Contact:  Caryn Sears / 336.760.1416


Proclaim the first and second scripture readings during the Liturgy of the Word. If you are interested in becoming a lector at any Mass, please call the church office to let us know: 336.724.0561. 

You can find the schedule here

Contact:  Caryn Sears / 336.760.1416 


Launder and iron altar linens on a rotating basis.

Linen Cleaning Schedule

Contact: Sandra Camastra / 336.408.5454


Ensure that all ministries are present and all preparations have been made for a particular liturgy.

Contact:  Sandra Camastra / 336.408.5454


Clean the Sacristy area on a rotating basis.  

Cleaning Schedule September 2019-March 2020

Contact:  Sandra Camastra / 336.408.5454


Extend hospitality to all those coming to Mass, collect our monetary offerings, pass out bulletins and help to keep our worship spaces in good order.

Contact:  Jim DeCristo / 336.817.4285