Prayer List

James Hollingshead, Manolo Mendoza, Peter Poehailos, Caraline Lilly Christensen, Fr. AJ Gallant, Gregory Maldonado, Martha Umberger, Art Blevins, Diane Ferrelli, Lucy Sieck, Hugo Murillo, Carl Zajicek, Finley Price, Selena Vazquez, Barry Schline, William and Dorothy Publick, Kelly Boyette, Cecile Esko, Rod Rockefeller, Jennifer Bolles, Eric Paswater, Betty Graves, Kimberly Lucado, Michael Leo Edwards, Melissa Publick, Jack Clownie, Sheila Johnson, Chris Puliselic, Evie Wiggins, Brian Almond, Jack Clowney, Andy Mazzo, Della Seay, Suzanne Faulk, Abbey Faulk, Lee Garner, Gail Gessner, Lunda Honeycutt, Cindy and Robert Brown, Jennifer Bolles, Jeff Lineberry, Nina and Nicholas Fingar, Rene Myers, Dick Bachman, Andrew Hayes, Jack Grantham, Christina Ruiz Grantham and family, Mark Boone, Jody Erwin, Donald Smith, Robert Posodos, Theresa Bertelsen, LaDonna Jensen, Gina Kim, Mariann Carothers, Loraine Haendel, Dr. Daniel Pepe, Michael Keaton, Georgia Mae Braddy, Peyton Holland, Jean Stafford, Robbie Brewer, Tom Publick, Elaine Kincaid, Connie Dickens, Ryan Gover.

And for all others who are ill, their caretakers, and those we hold dear.


Have a prayer request? Please email us here or call the church office: 336-724-0561.

The purpose of our prayer list is to provide spiritual support and healing for parishioners and their families and friends. Please let us know if there is healing or resolution from an illness. Thank you!